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Roman period

From the epistle to the Romans 15.24 was born the tradition that Paul visited Spain. The same tradition relates this visit to Tarragona which at this time was a very important city politically. Traditionally this visit is related to a stone situated in the foundations and next to the small chapel of Saint Paul(now in one of the cloisters of the Seminary), which formed part of the ancient hospital of the canons,from which the apostle preached.
259 In the time of the persecution decreed by the emperors Gallienus and Valerian, in the amphitheatre of the town were burnt alive Fructuosus bishop of Tarragona and his deacons Augurius and Eulogius(21st January). The acts of their martyrdom are amongst the only such which the church considers authentic They are the oldest of the penininsula and constitute the first document written about Christianity. They suppose a well organised church.
385 Bishop Himerius consults Pope Damasus over some doubts regarding aspects of ecclesiastical discipline. Damasus having meanwhile died, his successor Pope Siricus replies (11th February) It is the first papal decree directed to a bishop of the latin church.He orders that its instructions are carried out by the bishops of the province and also by those in Gallaecia,Baetica and Lusitania. There now appears a structure in the province of Tarraconensis and also the primacy at peninsula level.
420 In the period of bishop Ticinius, the monk Fronto makes a notable intervention against Pricillianist groups.
465 Bisop Ascanius writes to Pope Hilarius consulting him over ecclesiastical discipline. The form of the reply confirms him as Metropolitan (30th December).