Archbishop Jaume Pujol was born in Guissona (Lleida), on February 8, 1944. He studied in primary schools in the Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation and the Marist Brothers of Guissona. He furthered his studies in Pamplona, Barcelona and Rome. He did his doctorate in Educational Sciences in Rome, where he studied philosophy and theology. He has a doctorate in theology from the University of Navarra.

He was ordained a priest by Cardinal Vicente Enrique y Tarancon, in Madrid, on August 5, 1973, incardinated in the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. He was professor of Religious Education at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Navarra. From 1976 until his episcopal consecration, directed the Department of Pastoral and Catechetical, and since 1997, the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, both from the same university. He held various positions at the Faculty of Theology: Director of Studies, Director of Advocacy and Assistance Service to Students, secretary, director of the magazine Intercom Channels (Superior Institute of Religious Sciences), aimed at teachers of religion...

During his years in Pamplona directed degree courses, training and further training of catechists, religion teachers and educators of the faith, and theses and doctoral degrees. His research has focused on issues of teaching and catechesis has published 26 books and about a hundred of articles in scientific journals, collective works, etc. He has also developed other teaching and pastoral work with young people, priests, etc.  He was a member of the Advisory Council of the Subcommittee Episcopal Catechetical Education and Catechesis of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, from 1992 until 2004. On June 15, 2004 Pope John Paul II appointed him archbishop of Tarragona, metropolitan archdiocese and Spain primate, responsibility, until today, brings the presidency of the Episcopal Conference Tarragona, integrating the bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Tarragona and the ecclesiastical province of Barcelona.

On September 19, 2004, at the Metropolitan Cathedral and Primate of Tarragona, was consecrated bishop and took canonical possession of the archdiocese. On June 29, 2005 received the pallium from Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter´s Basilica in the Vatican. From 2005 to 2011 was a member of the Commission for Seminaries and Universities of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, and since March 2005 a member of the Episcopal Commission for Education and Catechesis of the Episcopal Conference.

On April 8, 2011 was designated "Adopted son of Tarragona" by the Municipal Government of Tarragona, agreement was reached by absolute unanimity.